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Loss of power to near side headlights


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Hi there, my name is Mike Davis, I'm an 83 year old youngster with a 2005 s type se jag. I've recently lost power to both my near side dipped and main beam lamps. Please can anyone identify the problem. All the fuses appear to intact. Thanks for any help you can offer Regards Mike

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Welcome to the club, Mike.

I too have an s Type 2.7D SE - Great Car.

I am no electrical expert -- there are several brilliant electrical experts in the club, and I know that you will get the correct advice.

I would just guess that it is the conenections.

Enjoy your s type.



P.S.  I was 83 once! 


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Hi Mike, the 2 fuses to check are F11 10A and F25 10A, both in the primary junction fuse box. If they are good then check for 12v at the light, one side should be live as the ground is done through the front electronic module. If you don’t have 12v on one side of the light then you may have a problem within the loom.

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