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Unable to log into SatNav or Live


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Hello, loving my car, by far the best driving car I have owned.

66 plate XF 3.0 D S, with In-control TP

The only issue I have and unable to resolve with Jag support. I have registered an In-control account registered the car and renewed all license. This works as i can use the full remote functions, start lock location etc. The In-control portal lists my car correctly. However when i select Live from the In-control portal it just says "The primary user has not logged in from the vehicle." This is true as in the car when i try to use live it says live not available.

I have registered via the Sat-Nav in the car a jaguar.here.com. However after the account is registered, when I try to sign in, it always says "Sorry. There was a problem on our end. Please sign in later.". I can log into both Jaguar.here.com & account.here.com, as I received the verify your account email. When i try to register the car in my Jaguar.here.com account portal, it verifies my VIN then tells me to log in from the car, that just gets me back to "Sorry. There was a problem on our end.", endless loop. Have deleted profile in the car and deleted all online accounts and re setup, all accounts using the same email address and password.


Any suggestions?



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Have you scrolled from the home screen to the live button. If you select this there is a login button top right (the other options are News, weather etc) you can login to live from there. Maybe that’s where you need to login. Or is that where you are already trying to log in from, if so apologies.



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There definitely is a problem with the map sign-in currently. I have for several days also been unable to login and am getting the same message as you (there's an error on our end), so I assume it actually is a problem at their end, but I haven't investigated further, as the only downside I have noticed is that anything I create in the route planner app is not sync'ed with the car, but where would I go these days?! Barnard Castle, perhaps! 🙂

Just to let you know, that this is not impacting only you! Might be worth contacting Jaguar on FB. I've done that in the past, and they do respond.

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"Barnard Castle"  😅

Thanks that is interesting. I purchased the car over 5 months ago and its had this issue since. Jag support advised I get it booked in for a Vehicle Shared Secret (VSS) routine. So it is booked into Jaguar Glasgow Taggart's tomorrow. 

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This is now fixed. Was booked in with the dealer today £120 for a Vehicle Shared Secrets (VSS) routine.


Live now working and I can now log into the Navigation and update the maps 

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