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Chris Neil

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I have put a deposit on an XK 150 convertible 55 plate with 62k on and a full JSH  to scratch an itch I have had for a few years. It has a great service history having been owned for 7 years by an JEC owner and I have looked at the car in some detail and test driven.

Can I ask  a couple of questions 


Are maintenance costs as high as some suggest ? ( I appreciate they will be higher than average but have seen some horror stories)

Over winter storage

I am picking it up in a week or so when I will probably have a few local runs then store over winter until spring. Are there any specific recommendation or suggestions that people do when they put them away for winter?

Water in boot

I did find water in the boot and it was suggested this was because it had just been jet washed which did not convince me 100%

Is there a common issue with water ingress into the boot and if so should I be concerned or is there a known issue and fix ?

I feel I have done as much as possible to check the car over and as I said,  the service history is impeccable but are there any specific things I should look for before I pay final amount and collect the vehicle?

Thanking you in anticipation



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Hi Chris,

As you’re in God’s county, Chris Isles at Doncaster is the guy you want for servicing. Very friendly, knowledgeable and reasonable prices.

I drive mine throughout winter unless there is snow on the roads however, 3 things if you want to take it off the road, pump the tyres to around 45psi, will help stop flat spots. Fill the tank with fresh fuel and get yourself a CTEK charger/maintainer.

As for water in the boot, I personally have not heard of anyone with this problem on an XK so worth check the seals around the boot and lights.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Can anyone tell me , is the width of a 55 plate XK convertible quoted in specs when the door mirrors are extended or without?

If anyone knows the full width with mirrors out could you please let me know, ( just buying an XK and checking if it will fit in my garage


Apologies for posting her but could not figure out how to generate new post


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Thanks Jim

It is an XK not an XK 8 and I am led to believe it was built in December 2005 and registered early 200ing number 85 off the production line....

Its going to be a bit of a squeeze but it will fit..... just



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Hi Chris,

You have had some excellent information from Jim.

I was thinking a bit about the garage and the problems I have had.  My garage is not perfectly angled, as I have found out after 30 years. It is also 20 feet long but was not wide enough for my Rover Sterling , so I gave up, and wife's Toyota Yaris lives there now!  I didn't even bother with my s type.



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