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XF door replacement


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Hello all - I got my 2013 XF 3.0 just over 3 weeks ago. Signed up here about 1 week ago. Wife had a mishap 2 days ago.

 To be fair, our drive isn't that wide and the Jag being larger than the previous car is a bit of a challenge. A couple of days ago, wife had a mishap and ran into the gatepost putting a dent in the O/S rear door. 

The local Body Shops want an eye watering £amount to put right. Now, I know where I can get a used door that's the right colour, so my question is, is it practical to change the door myself? Has anyone taken off a rear door?

Hope someone can help.


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If it is just a dent and you have not damaged the paint, you can get a mobile panel beater out, usually a lot cheaper than body shop who will probably fill and respray.

Getting a match for the door or doing it your self to respray etc if not done before will be a challenge I suspect.

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Didn't know there was such a thing as "Mobile panel beaters".

Anyway, things have moved on a bit. I went to see a Body Shop last Wed, they couldn't quote me there & then, said it would be a couple of days. By Friday teatime still hadn't heard anything. Whilst waiting I searched ebay and someone was breaking a 2012 2.2 - car was the same colour. Made a mental note.

Spent weekend trying to work out if I could do the swap, wasn't sure about the wiring. Also had a closer look at the dent and saw it was mainly pushed in so off to Halfords and bought a small dent puller. One pull and the dent popped back. Sadly, it's left a small crease top & bottom. 

Yesterday, Body Shop quote came through...........luckily, I was sitting down. - To knock out and make good £740. To replace the door £1650.

Straight back onto ebay & bought that door for £120 + delivery.

As for the wiring, I checked ebay again to see if there were door harnesses around, and yes there are, this showed where it connects bodyside. It's just inside the door pillar.

So now I'm fairly confident I'll be able to swap them over.

I thought my car tinkering days were over...........Seems not.

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