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Boot opening

Tom G

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On my XF the boot lid can be made to open by itself, there are 2 Springs one on each side and they are behind the side walls off the boot.

The Spring comes from the curved arm and are attached to a Bracket towards the rear lights, and i've used a strong cord to adjust the Springs, you can pull the end off the Spring out of it's present position and hook it into another position nearer to the rear lights.

I've tried the boot lid adjusted with 2 Springs but i found it lifted the boot lid too quickly, so i've reverted to just using one Spring.

And it opens with the key fob and the switch below the steering wheel, but be careful when driving because it you hit the switch the boot lid could fly open

Regards Tom.

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29 minutes ago, Taurian said:

On my 2015  sport brake, the boot opens all the way.   I don't see the point in the boot only opening a little way.

All the sportbrake models have the electric boot opening i believe, probably because of the weight.

With the X260 2015/2020 XF saloon it can be ordered from new with an electric boot opening,and i don't know if it could be fitted as an extra by an owner  but most i think are the type with the Springs only.

Regards Tom.Regards


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