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Gearbox problem

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Hello peeps,got a problem with the gearbox on my s type.Starting up from cold

all the lights go out,pull away and amber light comes on left side of rev counter,

and won't go into top gears (assume 5th & 6th).Gearbox fault  appears,

Get car warm,stop,switch off,restart, problem gone.This has happened the last 

3times i've used the car.Is this going to be a cheap fix or will the wife get the 

hump when her housekeeping allowance gets drastically reduced?.Cheers all, Mart.

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need to get codes read, needs to be plugged into Jaguar IDS/SDD to see what fault codes are coming up

could be something simple as low oil level, as when it get hot it expands a bit and might work

but every body answers are just going be guess work

get it plugged and see whats the fault



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First thing is start with the basics. The gearbox will give a fault light if the fluid is low (this goes when you stop start) also it is going into safe mode. Change the filter and somehow get 6 litres+ into the transmission - I can give you advice. Unlikely to be anything else or the light would stay on.

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