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Gearbox Fault Light


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Hello All,

Got in my XF R Sport this morning, -2 degrees. Switched on the ignition and allowed the glow plugs to do their stuff as usual. She cranked a couple of times, gave in and then the Gearbox Fault light came up on the dash. I let the car shut down completely electrically and repeated the start up. No gearbox fault light so tried to start up. Again cranked a couple of times, car gave up and light appeared again. I checked the battery charge and it was fine, as expected on a four month old battery. I tried another four or five times, same result, then gave up as battery now down to 11.7v and indicators started to flash as car car aborted the start up.


Any ideas guys? Bearing in mind electrical gremlins that come and go on some Jags I've decided to have a cup of coffee, message on here, contact local Jaguar dealer for advice ( Kyiv 330km away as I live in Ukraine) and try it again when it warms up a little.

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When you say it cranked a couple of times then gave in I presume you mean it just stopped turning the engine. That certainly sounds like a low battery voltage could be the problem. Low voltage causes all sorts of issues with the multiple computers. You say it is a new battery. Is it an AGM? If your 11.7v was resting voltage battery is pretty well drained. as a rough guide resting AGM state of charge for 100% is 12.8v, 0% is 11.8v,

I would try charging battery in first instance.


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