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Preparing my XKR for winter storage

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Hi all, I am looking for advice to help me put my new (to me) 2012 Jag XKR Convertible to sleep for the long Canadian winter.
She is currently tucked away in my heated garage with a full tank of premium gasoline with fuel extender added.
I plan to start her up every 3-4 weeks or so to keep the circulation going and ensure her battery remains strong.
Can any members can offer advice or other measures  I should follow to avoid issues in the Spring?
I welcome your thoughts.
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Keep it on a battery conditioner, such as a CTEK. Starting it as you suggest will help to keep everything lubricated, but is unlikely to be enough to keep the battery fully charged, and these cars do need a fully charged battery.

If you can move it a bit every time you start it you will avoid flat spotting the tyres. A few feet will do, if you can try to ensure that the wheels stop at a different point each time. 

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Hi Dave,

I'm down in Seattle and take my car (2014 XKR-S that I bought in Vancouver) off the road for winter, in addition to the battery tender, I have a garage not to far from me that sells ethanol free gas, I run her as low as possible and fill her up with a tankful of that gas, I also use these to stabilize the fuel and clean the injectors. Others also suggest adding a few pounds of air to your tires to help wit flat spots.


Good look and see you in the spring.



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