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Jaguar XF interior lights


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Good evening, 

I have an XF sportbrake 2013. It’s superb. However, the interior lights only remain on, when opening the doors in the evening for a few seconds. After a very small amount of time, the car goes totally black. It’s so short that passengers aren’t even inside before ‘blackout’ occurs. Can I change this? I have looked at all the settings but, to no avail. Help?!?

with many thanks,


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Dear Marcus. My car seems to think that the battery is low on amps. I plan to change this and reset the system. I am wondering if this will help? Is the car intelligent enough to know that extended use of interior illumination could compromise starting? Who knows. Will report back.


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Sorry for the delay. The car has now been fitted with a new battery and the illumination is back to normal. The downside is that the !Removed! stop start is reactivated. It’s a witless system. Can it be disabled once and for all?

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Where's the sensor for the stop-start? On the XE it's on the battery positive terminal, you only need to unplug it to disable it completely. 

There's a video here on Youtube. If it's the same on the XF it's a 10 second fix. 

Jaguar xe auto start and stop gone forever - YouTube


My car has the opposite problem, the left side interior roof light comes on randomly from time to time. 

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Personally I use the stop/start as reassurance that battery is OK. Simple enough to disable each journey once you know it is working.

On the lights it is a simple fix which I still have not got around to as it only happens on mine in direct sunlight on hot days. Jag Technical fix is attached and there are lots of youtube videos showing how to do it .Interior Light Repair Bulletin.pdf

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