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Diesel or petrol


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Iam buying a xf in the next few months i have 9000 to spend I want a low mileage 2009 + but I want black interior the only nice ones for the money r 3.0 diesel which don't bother me but 5 days a week I do short distances to work and bk but all ways go on a run at weekends would that be OK for the dpf or would it knacker it plz help so many gorgeous diesels on autotrader not a lot of petrol ones thanks lee 

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Welcome to the Club, Lee.

.I have an s type with a slightly smaller 2.7 litre diesel from which the 3.0 litre diesel was developed.

I also do short runs and try to do a longer run - about 45 miles - once a month or so.  I have had my s type for just under 8 years and never had a problem with the DFF.  I use premium fuel and every fill up I put in a dose of  Miller's Diesel Power Eco Max which seems to do the job.

Get you XF, do like I suggest, and you will enjoy your car,



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