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Rare barn find jaguar xjs 5.3 v12


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I have recently purchased this jaguar and I am looking for further information on the model and whether it’s a special edition  ?  I’ve not ever seen another jaguar with this kit so I suspect it’s a one off special edition with factory fitted body kit. 

I was not supplied with any paperwork as the vehicle was a barn find but I do have the registration and Vin number :

Please can someone advise if this car is indeed a special edition and worth keeping ?  

VIN number : SAJJNADW3DA149931

Does anyone know how many of these were built and if the kit is factory approved or post factory.

Your help will be much appreciated 

Many Thanks,











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Hi Wajid snd welcome to the club.

This model was actually a standard model but, as you could guess, was also a car that used a lot of fuel.  At the time of its manufacture no-one realised that the Government were going to dramatically increase the price of petrol. When that happened Jaguar started to make a new cylinder head  --  the AJ6 -- engine improvement made the car more popular and the V12 engine was abandoned.

The time this happened was when Jaguar was part of the British Leyland Motor Company controlled by the then Government, and it is a lengthy piece of writing that covers the situation.  This would take me several hours to write.  There are two books which give the position in detail, and I would recommend that you read them.

There is "Saving Jaguar"  by Sir John Egan, and biased as I am, another book that is available if you look up "Transporterama " the online book shop.  This book is called  "Jaguar. The Cars and the People" and I spent two years writing it.

Your car is a classic and certainly one that is quite rare. It is certainly one of high value. I would definitely keep it.

There were not that many built and I could not find exactly how many, but it does seem to be exactly as the factory built it.




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Hi Peter, 
Thanks for the info and book recommendations.

It’s a really nice car so I would ideally like to keep it but i have limited knowledge of jags and have two other classics, a Honda and Merc. The car was purchased from an auction and my original plan was to sell the Honda and have the jag restored but due to COVID and my work situation, I am now thinking it would be better to keep the two working cars and find a new home for the jag. The car is in good condition with zero rust or welding required but does need some work to get it started. For starters, it needs the fuel draining, as you would expect from a barn find.  The car turns over but does not start so will need some mechanical work doing before it can be put on the road. 

What’s your opinion on how much the car is worth (a rough estimate) when fully restored?

I am going p to do some further research this week and will certainly look into the two books you recommended.

Again, thank you for your help.












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Hi Wajid,

I also am no expert, but I did do a lot of research on Jaguar cars.  I found that the Jaguar xjs has increased in value by 50% over the last 10 years, and maybe the xjs Club could assist you in the value of your car.

On the starting  problem, I think a good mechanic can fit the spark plugs, the alternator and other similar electrical bits to get the car started.

About the Jaguar xjs the designs were found several years after Malcolm Sayer, the designer, had suddenly died at the age of 54.  Malcolm Sayer was the designer of the Jaguar D Type racing version which was extremely successful at Le Mans and the Monte Carlo Rally. Malcolm Sayer was also the designer of the E Type Jaguar, which was described by Enzo Ferrari as the most beautiful car ever.

So the xjs is a remarkable car  and is a classic.

My book is available from the online bookshop "Transporterama", and I think that Sir John Egan's book "Saving Jaguar" is also available on the open market.

Good luck, and please let me know how you get on.



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