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Lean burn codes


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Am having faults P0172 & P0174 telling me fuel is lean on left and right bank. The codes appeared at the same time, so today I changed the MAF, air filter & fuel filter and although better the fault is still there. It happens when I am slowing down (shut throttle) but will clear after a few seconds when driving off. So I suspect the fuel pump is on the way out. My guess is that the pump is stopping instead of reduced flow, causing lean burn for a few seconds. Not surprised since mileage is 95k so is probably original. Will order one unless you guys have a better suggestion.


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usually air leaks on the intake system somewhere, if its doing i on shut throttle could be the flexi on the egr

wont be fuel pump that would give a different fault code as fuel pressure is monitored with a sensor

when you take you foot off the throttle coasting the injectors are turned off, otherwise you get unburnt fuel down the exhaust, which would destroy the cats



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