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Restricted Performance error message


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Hi all, i have a 2008 xf 2.7 and keep getting a restricted performance message only when i come to a stop, but as soon as i pull away it goes, it not affecting the way it drives but finding it  annoying, any idear what this can be? Thanks

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Hi Kevin,

I've had that a couple of times...

1. When there was a leak in the inlet manifold (expensive fix!!!)

2. A silly glitch in the software, solved by a reset at my local indy dealer who I bought the car from (free reset)

I hope yours is the latter, but best get it checked out!


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Had RP coming up when I first started and normally having stopped somewhere and restarted RP would go away.

I did read somewhere that a partially blocked fuel filter can cause an RP problem.

The car has just been serviced - yesterday - including a new fuel filter - would seem it had been on the car for 50k+ miles.

Today started the car and no RP....hopefully a happy bunny now.


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