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Starter motor replacement


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Long time, no see. Again. 🙂

I still love the S-Type. Even in winter, -20C and icy roads (but not snow deeper than an inch or two).

2 questions.

It seems that the starter motor has died. 🙁 I thought it was the relay that was sticky, but it looks like it's the starter motor. The online parts catalog at Jaguar Classic Parts says that XR848128 has been superseeded by C2C37198. Does that mean it's just plug and play if I buy a new one (or preferably get a used one from a newer car) or is some sort of kit also required?

Does anyone have any experience with OEM starter motors? They are much cheaper on ebay, but are they best avoided?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Knut,

Generally I don't have a problem with eBay parts. But being you are likely to have to ship internationally, and that if you fit the part and there is an issue, it would be more of a problem than if the seller was in the next town. I'd be a bit careful and go for a new part or one that had at least been tested with a warranty.

I've just bought myself a complete running S-Type as a donor car, so luckily, I do not have these issues 😁

Good luck!

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I happily buy from eBay, reconditioned units mean it is a Jaguar part. The alternator I bought has a smaller pulley to aid low rpm charging. If I needed a new starter I'd buy it from the same people. The catalogue number is a guide for your vehicle part but sellers often want the VIN code. 


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