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Hi new member today I hope everyone is safe and well


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Got my first jag an x type in 2011 then two petrol S types then an XF over two years ago got my partner an x type over a year ago and just got her a 2.7 d S type a few weeks ago which has the exhaust fumes coming into the cabin mechanic said it was intercooler pipe and I’m not sure that carries exhaust fumes ? the fumes are still there so it’s not fixed does anyone have any ideas please?

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Hi David, and welcome to the club.

I have a 2,7 D s type and sometimes, particularly in the winter when the heater is one you do get fumes coming into the cabin.  The reason is due to the s type diesel have a heater start up - assisting the heater to get going as the diesel takes a few miles to get the heat through otherwise.  The mechanic could be correct.  But if it stays longer than a couple of minutes they do check out why!

The exhaust on my s type is a stainless steel on which will last as long as the cr.



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