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Filling 'er up


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Okay, stupid question time.

Twice I've gone to fill up the tank and both times the pump kept clicking off, so much so I was left fairly dribbling the diesel into it. I've tried shoving the nozzle in as far it would go, at an angle up down and sideways and with the nozzle right on the rim. this was on two different pumps. So is there a special way of doing it, apart from drinking it and peeing it in?


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Look into the fuel filler. You should see the "after" view below. If you see a yellow flap as in the "before" picture the mis-fuelling protection has been triggered. There should be a yellow plastic tool stored on top of the battery to sort it.

It simply fits into the filler to flip the flap back up. It is also fitted to Land Rovers. Instructions here: https://www.rrevoque.org/diesel_misfuelling_protection_device-2963.html

I think many car dealers use the same size fuelling nozzles for petrol and diesel so inadvertently trip the device which is designed to prevent you putting petrol in by mistake as a "petrol station", "petrol" size nozzle triggers the flap and blocks the flow to a trickle.





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Yep!  there was a yellow block in the filler. Getting the reset tool from the boot I was greeted with a one prong missing tool. So I shan't be going very far until the replacement urns up from that famous buying site.


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