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XK brake calipers refurbishment.


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I've finally taken the plunge and have progressed from an X-Type, onto an XF and now onto an XK. I've opted for the facelift 2011 model and can't stop grinning. It's a stunning car. The only thing that lets it down is the tatty brake calipers; they are covered in surface rust and generally unsightly. I was thinking of buying a used set from a breakers or similar, getting these cleaned and powder coated, then putting these on the car. Once I'd done that, I was going to refurb my old ones to sell on and recoup some of the cost. There is a full set on fleabay for about £500, and I was wondering if this was good value and how to tell if they'll fit my car. 

Also, does anybody have any idea how much it might cost to get a full set of calipers powder coated? The car is black, and I wondering if any of you have ideas for colours; red is the obvious choice but does anybody have any side profile pictures of other colours (and red, so I can compare!). Thanks in advance.


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Can anybody advise me on how to get the correct part number for the callipers (front and rear, left and right) for my specific model of XK (just the plain old 2011 facelift XK X150, not the XK-R or XK-RS). As mentioned above, my plan is to get an older pair refurbished (probably powder coated) to fit onto my car, then refurbish my old pair to sell on and recoup some of the outlay. Is it something I can search for myself or do I need to speak with Jaguar customer services or the Jag dealer to find out? There appear to be many subtly different designs/shapes on Fleabay showing quite a few different variants, so it's a bit confusing! Pictures of my callipers are shown in the photos where they are fitted to my car, and the other pictures are what I am seeing on Fleabay:

Rear 1.jpg

Rear 2.jpg


My Front 2_1.jpg

My Front 3_1.jpg

My Rear 2_1.jpg

My Rear 1_1.jpg

My Front 1_1.jpg

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