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Crackling noises from fuse box area, please help

Baza T

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Hi can anyone help, I have an R model which started making a load cracking noise which I found was coming from a small metal box under the fuse box.

Iam not very good or confident with working on cars, anyway I took the fuse box fittings and unplugged the small conecter to this little box, which has stopped the horrible crackling noise(it was like an old fashioned radio load noise, I presume it has had/got in grese of water in it. Could not get it off as one bolt from inner wing kept spinning)

Has anyone heard of such a thing? SECONDLY now an abs fault / day not available and now engine management light has come on, I don't know if this is purely coincidental

Or not. My machanic/pal is supposed to be plugging  the car into his diagnostic machine tomorrow😏

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Hi Barry

That sounds like the active alarm sounder, its in a metal box under the fuse box

at this age the batteries inside fail and the shake themselves to bits

can be fixed with a replacement, I replaced mine with the non active sounder, active ones tend to give lots of problems and random alarm conditions



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abs dsc faults are usually a faulty abs sensor, you will know for sure when they plug in

idealy you need someone with Jaguar IDS/SDD which will read every module on the car

most code reader dont

best place for sounder is ebay, new ones dont come up often, but used do



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