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possible new owner, timing chain & guide question


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hi guys & gals

im in the market for an xfr and i have 2 in my sight that im interested in

a 2013 with 27k on the clock with the 8 speed auto 

a 2015 with 48k with the 8 speed auto


at what mileage/year should i be worried about the common timing chain issue rearing its ugly head?

both cars have full jaguar history.

many thanks


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Welcome to the club, Matt.

Both of the cars you are looking at sound quite good.

I would not be worried about the cam chain at all.  If the engine on the cars you are looking at has a cam belt it is usually 10 years or 105,000 miles.

My s type has the 2.7 diesel engine and has 86,000 miles on the clock  and had a new engine while at the dealers when 2 years old under warranty  --  the cam belt has not been changed as a very good mechanic saw it and felt that it was in a very good condition.-, even though it was 12 years old! 

Just enjoy the car  --  Grace, Space, and Pace.




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