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Trouble starting


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Ok. You guys helped me a ton with changing my coil packs & spark plugs. I dont have a miss anymore, but when i try to start the car I have to crank it for awhile. Sometimes if I turn the key on but not all the way & wait a min then it will start right up. Or if i have driven it for awhile already it will start. I just got as new starter on it not that long ago. I'm not sure what's causing  this but its getting  worse.

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Hi Nichole,

It sounds like your petrol is either evaporating in the carbs or fuel is seeping back towards the fuel tank.. both maybe caused br a small leak somewhere.. suggest you take it for Arun then look at all of the fuel pipes to see if you can see where fuel has been leaking.  USING A TORCH NOT A LIGHTER OR MAINS INSPECTION LIGHT. 



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On 5/16/2021 at 10:02 AM, Malscull said:

Hi, I guess you’re car is a diesel? When starting these cars (especially in winter) you have to wait with ignition on until the glow plug light goes out.

What makes you think it's a diesel @Malscull? never seen one with coil packs and spark plugs!!  Spent hours tuning SU's, Webers etc. but not so sure they were fitted to 2002 'S'Types @Chidders that's not to say you might not have a leak in the petrol feed somewhere, very often at a 'union' connection to the injector array.  Advice re torch etc. very sound @Nichole !!! 



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