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Locking my XF !!!


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I am having difficulty locking the car as its suppose to... I get the "2 beeps", sometimes if I release the boot n close it it locks fine, sometimes I have to stand there for 5mins pressing buttons randomly until it eventually complies LOL
Also, the nearside rear door never seems to unlock - Do you think this is connected to my issue ??

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Hi Darren,
Have you tried the other key &/or replacing the battery in the key(s). Mine chewed through batteries in what I call the 'old' key (was trying to keep the other one pristine for no good reason!). 
As for your rear door - sounds like a dodgy solenoid or wiring or maybe water ingress to the door?

Hope you get it sorted,

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The door locks do fail - seems the motors etc are of low quality.

Personally, since buying a Jaguar, reading about the problems that people have, the Technical Service Bulletins that Jaguar have issued and the failure rates I have concluded that Jaguar make out they are a premium manufacturer but under-developed the vehicles and chose the cheapest components.

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