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Stephen Mcguire

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My XE just had first MOT. 17k miles and front tyres cracking badly although plenty 6mm of tread. So seems Michelin 4s will meet my needs very soft excellent grip  wont be doing many miles so wear not a factor. Rather have grip.  Local tyre center £840 fitted , Black Circles £680  hats a hell of a difference. Same product  surprised me! Just a heads up 

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Have you bought the tyres from Black Circles yet ?

I normally use them but you have to tell them the tyres are for a Jaguar as the tyre bead can be diffrent. Check the side of your tyres and next to the size you will see a small J in a circle.

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Sorry it's a bit late, but worth checking National tyres who often have deals on and it's also usually pretty easy to find discount codes of at least 5%. Sometimes you can get another 4% back from Quidco, a cashback site (not sure I'm allowed to post referral links but PM me if anyone wants one). 

I recently got a set of 19" Pirelli P Zero - the specific ones stated for the Jag - for under £520 with a 5% discount code and may get another 4% cashback from Quidco (they don't give the cashback if you've already used a discount code but a lot of the time the cashback is still given). 

They're also doing a 4 month interest free payment plan so you can even spread the cost and pay for one tyre each month if things are a bit tight - no credit check, no interest or other fees. 

Black Circles price was £668 for the same tyres. Huge difference.


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