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Activating Adaptive Cruise Control - XE Portfolio 2017 180bhp


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Having had ACC on previous VW cars I'm very familiar with its activation, operation and settings.

My "new" car is advertised as having ACC when I purchased it but I'm now doubting its actually fitted

Its normally visible on a VW with the presence of a black box either in or behind the radiator grill but i dont know if thats the case with an XE

Also Ive not been able to  access the menu settings for ACC. which leads me to think its not been fitted and is a typo in the advert

I have followed the instructions on p125-133 of the manual but to no avail.

1. Is their a "sub menu" in the system somewhere that I haunt found?

2. It states in the manual that some features and settings are not available unless the engine is running - Is the ACC one of them?

3 .Is the menu/settings for ACC only available when travelling with the cruise control set?

It may be that ACC is an "extra" that wasn't fitted!

All responses very much appreciated.

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Hi John.

First sign of ACC is the growler badge on the front grill has a rectangular plastic surround. You will also see on the steering wheel, apart from the up and down arrows (North and South position) there are also some additional arrows in the East and West positions. A long double ended arrow on the West position and a short double ended arrow on the East position.


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Many thanks folks.

The car was  advertised and purchased fully loaded with what I thought was  all the optional extras - (Sunroof - 19" alloys -etc)   the only exception and I missed this when viewing was   ACC!!

We have ACC on our golf estate and have used it from time to time . We knew that the  XE had  initially been registered and later sold as an Ex Jaguar Management Vehicle + 1 private owner I assumed ACC was fitted !  . I took a look to check the "radar" box  after posting this query  and could not see the box of tricks is behind the rad grill - Thought maybe they had fitted it on the top of the windscreen/elsewhere using just a smaller remote sensor to a hidden box. However,  I wont miss it and I'm not disappointed as its very rare I slip into "Cruise" mode even on the motorway and we have it fitted on our golf.  I do tend to use the "limiter" in town or urban areas as its saved me a good few quid in the past!!!  Many thanks

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