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Bizarre 'key stuck in cupholder' warning.


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Now you can laugh if you like, because this will probably only happen to me, but somehow I got my key stuck in the void at the side of the twin cup holder, the space where the door goes into when it's open. 

How the hell it found it's way to there from within the cup holder I'll never know, but it did. If you have a key and have a habit of dropping it in there, put a key ring on it or something. I had just a ring on the end of it, no key ring "charm" as such, and luckily as a result of that I was able to get a pair of thin pliers on it and jiggle it out. To do that I had to prise off the front hinge of the cupholder cover door with a knife, and lift it up slightly to create a gap so that I could reach the key. 

You can't remove the cup holder unless the door is open fully, and you can't open the door fully because the key is sitting in the space it drops into. 🙄

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I wonder if my layout isslightly different? I dropped my wheel lock key down the side of the chair before, with the electric chair that took some effort to get.

We all do it 😀

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