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Auto lights and wipers (+ link for new LED wing mirror indicators)


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Does anybody know how the auto lights and wipers function works on the 2010 Prem Lux model? My understanding of the lights from the handbook is that if I set the switch to Auto, the lights will come on when it's dark enough - but if I do that they come on straight away, even in bright sunshine. Assuming the sensor is behind the front windscreen, there's nothing covering it. 

Similar thing with the wipers using the variable speed control - regardless of whether I set it to MIN to MAX, it doesn't seem to vary the speed of the wipers, or certainly not by much. In light rain I set it to MIN and there's a 9 second gap between strokes, at MAX an 11 second gap. Am I missing something.

One other thing, are the "puddle" lights (underneath the wing mirrors) supposed to work on this model? Not bothered either way, but it would be nice to have them working if everything's there. 


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If in auto mode for the lights, day lights will come on, but you should not get the light sign on the dashboard if you know what I mean until it gets dark.

On the wipers I dont think is not a lot of difference unless it rains more then they get faster etc. 

Lights on wing mirrors, automatic when it gets dark and you open the door with the fob. There is an option to turn off under settings from memory if equipped.


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Shouldn't that be the other way around, the lights come on when it's dark? I'm sure the green "lights on" symbol on the dash is lit as soon as the switch is set to auto or one one the time settings (30,60, 90 etc.)

We've only had light rain since I got it so I'll have to wait until it rains harder. Found out not to use the screen washer when the driver's window is open! 

There's no option for the wing mirror lights on the menu as far as I know, so it probably doesn't have them. The lens fitting is there though, and I can't be certain but the one I looked at looks as if it has a bulb in it but I've not seen them come on in the couple of times I've been out after dark.

I've bought some of those "dynamic" LED turn signal lights for the mirrors so I'll have a proper look when I come to fit those. Looks like a really decent upgrade - £16 for the pair inc. delivery! 

Somebody elsewhere asked me for the link so I might as well post it here. 

Dynamic Turn Signal Light For Jaguar XE XF XJ F TYPE XK XKR I PACE X250 X260 Side Mirror Indicator Lamp Sequential Blinker|Signal Lamp| - AliExpress

Note: This is not an affiliate link. 

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