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Bill C

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Hi all,

i posted this problem once before and am still struggling with it and wondered whether anyone had come across some more information.

XF 2010 3.0D auto, 64000m - Gearbox fault, Parkbrake fault and DSC not available scroll through on the screen. After stopping and restarting engine, they sometimes disappear although the frequency of them appearing is increasing. The car drives perfectly normally and as these three unconnected faults appear and disappear together, they surely cannot be genuine.

i did get a reply suggesting checking the battery (which is new) and checking earthing points in engine but I’m afraid i lost the information. So any advice would be very welcome.


Bill C.

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Hi Bill,

Just because a battery is new it’s no indication of how good it really is. I would charge the battery overnight and then see what happens.

The fact that these faults disappear when you restart the car indicates 2 things, you don’t have any faults and does indeed point to a low voltage in the first instance.

If you still have the warnings after a full charge then your next avenue is to get the codes read.

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Hi Bill

Was the battery changed in an attempt to solve these problems? If so it is possible that the previous battery allowed one or more low voltage events which triggered the faults, effectively corrupting a bit of the software which you are now living with the consequences of.

Bottom line is you need to get the DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) read and cleared. If it was a problem battery that may well sort it.

However I would guess the most likely culprit to be an ABS wheel sensor. In order for the TCM (transmission control module) to control the gearbox it requires inputs from a range of other systems sensors, such as the ABS system which tells it how fast each wheel is turning. All of the sensors are used by multiple sytems and a fault in a sensor will throw a warning in all of the dependant systems down the line.

My advice is to get the codes read as this should at the very least point you in the right direction

Let us know how you get on.



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