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Completely out of my league, non sat nav up to including sat nav


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Hello, I am completely new to all this so I humbly ask for your patience.  I have recently bought a beautiful 2002 2.1 V6 X-type and it has a dodgy entertainment system. I have never been one that enjoyed cutting down my viewable screen amount with these sat navs that you stick on the windscreen with a sucker pad and spit. I understand that some X-types have a sat nav system where the centre console is, and I was wondering if it is possible to fit one of these sat nav systems in my X-type instead of my dodgy one that has the two separate screens, one for the cooling system and one for the radio/clock.

I realise that there is probably already someone that has asked this question before, so please excuse the duplication as I scoured the forum but was completely overwhelmed by just how much information is available out there.

Best regards, Oddjobber23 

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yes it can be retro fitted, but there no use, last updated dvd was 2012, so all the roads lay outs are very old

I have one in my car, but have had it upgraded to Jagdroid, which converts the original screen to android, so you can do every thing you can on your phone, just google jagdroid



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