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Armour plated XJ8


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Hello everyone.  I have just finished recommissioning this very special XJ8. Hope some of you find this of interest.

It was built by Jankel under Government contract LV/MIL/53, dated 16/02/01. It is the 1st of 7 cars built and was owned and operated by the Ministry of Defence. It is one of 6 cars assigned to ministerial protection duties, the 7th was assigned to Royal protection duties. The sister car LB02LCW was Tony Blairs Prime ministerial car.

In more recent years the car has seen service as a private security car and training vehicle.

Trying to find information is difficult as it is still covered by the Official Secrets Act.


Fully armour plated cabin and bullet proof glass

Full protection for fuel cell and filler

ECU's and fuse boxes mounted in armour plated housings

Additional armour protection under car for fuel and brake lines

Gross weight 3100 Kg

It has a boot mounted fire extinguisher and a hand held extinguisher under the front passenger seat

Kevlar plates are used on the floor under the seats

Security cameras mounted front and rear

Siren and loud speaker

Police ariel

Attention lights behind front grill

Extra switchgear mounted in overhead consul and under centre arm rest console


The bullet wound in rear left window was sustained whist on active duty in South Africa. Only the outer pane of glass is damaged, the other layers of glass are undamaged.

I left it unrepaired as a car with a bullet wound is so much cooler than a car without one, plus it is an important part of the cars history and should be preserved.

The car has just benefited from an extensive service and recommission and has a fresh MOT.

Having lived with this car for a while, the main feeling you get is that it is like a real life James Bond car. It is a Government car covered by the Official Secrets Act. It does look standard on the outside, but is so not standard under the skin. It does have special controls hidden away inside the cabin. It does not feel the same to drive as a normal XJ8 because it has so much more inertia and momentum than a normal XJ8. I have also noticed that people stop and stare when driving it on the road, and come up to me to ask about the car. It does have  a real presence and purposeful look when on the road.

This car will be offered for sale soon. If anyone is interested, let me know and I can forward details to you.










WP_20210913_18_21_07_ggf (2).jpg






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What a fantastic car and plenty of provenance with it, especially the bullet hole which is definitely worth keeping there as a talking point.

I see the vehicle weight is in excess of 3 tonne, tyre pressures to match it as well 🙂

Thanks for sharing with us such a great car!

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