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Turning Off the CD 6 Disc Player.


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This is going to sound a very silly question I am sure, but I cannot resolve the issue.

The 6 disc stack player on my 2005 S Type 2.5 V6 appears to be running at all times when the ignition is turned on. Even when I am using another screen than the Audio Screen,  if I turn the wheel that controls the volume level the disc is playing. This concerns me a little as it suggests the CD`s are constantly being played. Am I being an idiot (careful !!!!!!!) and missing something, somewhere as I cannot seem to be able to turn the CD stack OFF. There surely is an on/off switch to prevent the stack system from continuously working.

This old boy would appreciate an answer to the problem and can put up with a rude comment if it is needed, as my daughter often tells me I am a Dinosaur.

Many thanks and Best Wishes, John.

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23 minutes ago, Jimbov8 said:

Press the volume button and it will switch off. Or change from CD to radio and the CD will stop playing.


Thank you very much for the information. How simple things can be when you know how.

Regards and Best Wishes, John

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