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X type estate practicality


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I used to run Volvo estates - the 850 were good, but V70s once you get older ones seem to have serious problems with the gearboxes - either auto or manual, so I am looking at a X type diesel estate (manual) for my next load carrying and general camping vehicle (no off roading needed). Has anyone experience with the practicality of the X type estate - it's load space, how the tailgate operates, and what kind of weight can be carried safely in it? Any tips from those with experience of these estate cars would be appreciated. As a 'side kick' to my nice S type saloon it will certainly look the part. Reviews seem to show the X type as being a decent secondhand buy. I would appreciate some thoughts from members.

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Hi alex, I had a x type estate until recently when i had to sell it due to ill health. Mine was auto but found it a really nice car.I always ran it on premium fuel. I bought it with 80 k on it and sold it with 140kon it. I always maintained it well, such as changing engine oil and filter every 7k miles. The only thing I had to replace fairly often was the bushes on the rear anti roll bar, so if you look at one listen for a rattle from the back end. The tailgate operates via a button beneath the rear light trim. The tailgate opens in two parts allowing the upper glass to be opened seperate from the main tailgate, also with a button. Dont know about load limits but I used to tow a 5m caravan without any problem. Most of my driving was runs of min 20miles. The other thing to be aware of is the inner cills failing. These are covered by plastic trims so not easy to see the state of the inners. Good luck with finding the right car.



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