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New member, returning to a Jag

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Picking up my XF R-sport 2.0 on Saturday. 

Looks tidy enough and will be a bit of a change for me. 

Spent the last 5 years in a Lexus GS450H so if being brutally honest, the XF is a bit of a step down in refinement and power but wins big on the design, fuel consumption and future running costs. (Heretic!) 

Had a lot of the older models in the past. Two x308 XJ8's including an ex chauffeur LwB sov that was gorgeous, a 4.0 SE s-type and the 3.0 awd x-type. 

Workmate bought his '59 XF V6 portfolio a few weeks before my Lexus and I've always enjoyed driving it... So a bit of a no brainer to want one. 

Well, REALLY wanted the 2.2 sportbrake but availability is a bit of an issue so settled on this 2016 saloon in white. 

Bonus is that it has had a new engine, dpf, turbo, full exhaust all within the last 6000 miles fitted under warranty by Land rover and new discs and pads and tyres last week. So, aside from a gearbox flush, practically brand new! 

Looking forward to the next few years, OK, maybe not the ZF 8 speed but at 2-3 times better mpg I can live with it. 

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Welcome to the club, Dave.

You know your Jaguars better than I do.  I wanted a Jaguar in 1963 while I still had a Motor cycle.  Cash enabled me to buy a few cars and a bit of good luck had me having 29 years of company cars. —  they kept me going but I never bought a jaguar until 2011 when I bought an X Type ad then an s type in 2013 which I am delighted with and still have.

Enjoy your car!



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