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XK alarming when opening driver's door

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Hi! New to Jaguar here! Just bought a beautiful XK 4.2 Coupe (2007). Am I doing something wrong to gain access using the key fob though?

Car locks fine, pressing the "Lock" button. Pressing "Unlock" button, unlocks the car, but when I open the door, the Alarm goes off virtually everytime!

Hopefully something simple that I'm doing wrong! Tried pressing the "Unlock" button twice....but same outcome!


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Have a look in the vehicles security settings via the infotainment screen, it should tell you why the alarm is going off. Maybe a door lock microswitch is slow to react, a code reader will also help.

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Thanks Jim!  I'll look into that.

I have noticed once or twice previously that a "Boot Unlocked" message shows, but I've subsequently made sure the boot is tightly shut....and yet the alarm still sounds most times I open the door.....Possibly an electrical fault there...but was just wondering initially if it was something very basic I was doing wrong in utilising the key fob to unlock the vehicle.

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I finally managed to solve the door alarm problem!!! a few days back...

On the Infotainment screen....If you go to Vehicle Security Settings,

there was a setting /option which states.....  Alarm triggered by Driver Door   ON / OFF    This had been set to ON     (I switched it to OFF) and the problem hasn't recurred since.   It seems strange to me why this option was enabled, but hopefully that is the end of that!   

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction 🙂

Great list of Jags........Good to hear they've given you so much pleasure!

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