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Remapping to rectify slow throttle response and auto box responses


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Hi, I'm new on here and was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction or offer advice. I have an XF Sportbrake 2018 25t. I have noticed the following when driving:

  1. Sluggish/irrational throttle response
  2. Auto box that doesn't know what gear it should be in when pulling away
  3. A kind of "disconnect between throttle input and gearbox reaction.

I have spoken to a few people who have suggested a remap may address all 3 issues. Can anyone back that up or suggest someone that I could speak to on this subject? I don't want to approach Jaguar direct due to reading other peoples responses regarding "no fault codes so no issues" and the obvious main dealer hourly charges! My car has only done 26000 miles and has full history so well looked after. I am based in Buckinghamshire so any local contacts would be great!

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions 🙂 

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Wow! Best part of a year and no responses. Not much point being on here then! Will try and find a more friendly group elsewhere!

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Hi Dennis --Sorry to hear of your disappointment I'm afraid that at times when things are busy things get

over looked and your post 9 months ago wouldn't stay up front for all that time ????

So if you still have a problem please try again ???---I wish you all the best is the car still bad after "9 months"

of driving ???----Good luck if you go for finding a better group ???

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Hi Frank,

Thanks for responding! I think that my comment mentioning "nearly a year" is not that far off the mark! It is now June and the original post was made in July and my follow-up at the end of May!😁. It is still driving erratically and overall driveability is poor with the original statement still valid. The only way to drive is using the sport mode with paddle shift so that it is not in 8th gear doing 30 m.p.h. @1000 rpm causing the engine to stutter as it is under too much load at low revs (I am a qualified Techy!).

I still think some kind of remap may be the answer, but I haven't had the chance to locate someone yet due to circumstances beyond my control (health issues and redundancy). 

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Hi Paul,

There are no codes and no warning lights! Just drives like a dog sometimes. Always seems to be in the wrong gear and who wants to drive at 30 mph in 8th gear @1000 rpm! Something needs to change and I thought a remap may help. 

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That's a mystery to me the Dennis. A remapper will always make sure that the drivechain is working correctly before modifying the map so again, I can't see that a remap is needed (although, on a healthy car, it does make a noticeable difference 😉

I would guess that it's time to get the SDD on the car and unless you are familiar with it a trip to a Jaguar indie is indicated.

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