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tyre pressure


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Good Morning [or is it? snowing here]

I  keep my tyre pressure at 32 psi but I had some work done recently [new coils etc] and the garage checked my levels and also pumped my tyres they set them at 40psi.

I will admit the steering seems lighter but what is the correct psi?

thank you Grumpy

Jaguar S type  3ltre 2006 petrol 58000 miles

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Yup, what Jim said, there will be a specific pressure for your tyre size. I have no idea why they went to 40psi, I've had a quick scan through every S-Type listing (I could find) from 16" to 18" and they range from 28 to 32psi, nothing close to 40psi. I personally run 30psi on my 18s. Perhaps they mistook the Jag for a van? My Transit Custom runs 40psi+ 🤷‍♂️😆👎 

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On 1/16/2023 at 1:37 PM, Russ68 said:

Perhaps they mistook the Jag for a van? My Transit Custom runs 40psi+ 🤷‍♂️😆

:clown: Some of the clowns working in garages probably have no idea how to read a tyre pressure gauge! Or even a tyre pressure chart for that matter!

Many moons ago, i put my 827 Coupe in for a wheel alignment check and it came back that the alignment was ok (i knew it wasn't, just wanted confirmation) but the tyre pressures were too low.

Errr, no, they'd found they were 32psi all round, correct for an 827 Coupe running 16" wheels with 205/55/16 tyres.

They insisted they should be 34psi all round so i asked them to show me so they confirmed what i already knew, they were reading the pressures for the 17" wheels fitted to the 820 Vitesse from 1996 onwards - another big clue there as it was a 1995 car!

Makes me wonder what tyres i would have ended up with if i'd asked for a new set of tyres to be fitted!

After that, i invested £72 in a Trackace DIY Laser wheel alignment system and did the job myself, correcting the rear wheel alignment (that they had insisted wasn't adjustable on that model!) and a tiny tweak on the front.

They would have charged me £36 per axle to correct the alignment so to my mind the Trackace paid for itself on the first use, i've since done several other alignments with it and saved its original cost a few times over now.

Back to the tyres, maybe they read the pressure for the space saver tyre and thought all tyres should be that!


That's the TP chart for 1999-2003, double check your car Stopper for the label on the drivers door jamb to find the correct pressures but very few seem to be the same pressure all round. Usually the fronts are slightly lower pressure than the back on RWD cars so 32psi all round seems a bit wrong to me.

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