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Windscreen Washers


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Just thought I'd share this with the other members.

My washers stopped working. I could hear the motor buzzing but no water. I know it's been cold but plenty of screen wash in and not frozen. Took o/s (drivers side) front wheel off and then 3 screws from front of plastic wheel arch. If you release it from the bumper you can hold it to one side to get to the washer motor. Unclip the wire/plug and pull off washer pipe. Pull the motor upwards until it comes out. Prise out the rubber seal from the bottle and examine. It is a gauze type filter. Mine was blocked by blue slime so I cleaned it out with a small nailbrush. While all this is apart it might be best to flush the bottle out with clean water as I did letting it drain from the hole where the rubber seal goes. Then rebuild and everything should be fine.

As an afterthought maybe this can be done with the wheel on if turned fully left but as I haven't tried it I can't say for sure. The electric plug got wet during this so I dried it out with kitchen towel then sprayed it with WD40 just to be safe.

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