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S Type 2.7D Auxiliary Drive Belt

Dusty Miller

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I purchased a brand new S Type 2.7D SE in September 2006. After about 2 years it developed a chirping noise, like a load of sparrows under the bonnet. The dealer fitted a new auxiliary drive belt and this appeared to cure the problem. Unfortunately the noise returned about a year later and once again a new aux drive belt was fitted. The noise is back again and I cannot believe that it is neccessary to fit new aux drive belts every 12 to 18 months. The noise mostly goes away when the vehicle has been driven for an hour or two. Has anyone else had this problem and, if so, what was the diagnosis. I am convinced I have a "friday car" as it has had so many niggling faults, not to mention the worn out rear suspension after only thirty something thousand miles. I have written to Jaguar, but the response was to tell me I should have taken an extended warranty and that they would cover the cost of my next service. I love driving the S Type, but I am a bit put off buying another Jag.

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Unfortunate but true that you would need a new belt because (i am guessing Stratstone's) has replaced the belt both times and not done further diagnosis.

you will also need a new Altinator, Water Pump and Tensioner... belt and tensioner are part of a kit http://www.britishparts.co.uk/ as for the alinator and water pump (dont forget the gasket) are about 40ish quid more

the labour for this should be no more than 2 hours (less if dealer)

this will cure the problem and last longer, basically what happens is that when you put a new belt on the tightness of the belt obscures the noise and problem goes away but the bearings in said parts are still worn this also puts extra stress on these parts and so can damage further.

I have also at the moment the same issue with my X-type just waiting for it to warm up a bit in Scotland before i go get the bits and sit out with a cuppa and the spanners.

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