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S Type Rear Suspension

Dusty Miller

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I bought a new Jaguar S Type 2.7 D SE Automatic in September 2006. It currently has been driven almost 32,000 miles, mostly on motorways in the UK. Recently it developed a groan from the rear suspension and an anoying chirp from the auxiliary drive belt. The Jaguar dealer, who sold the car and who has done all the maintainance since, reported that the vehicle requires a considerable amount of work and parts (N/S/R LOWER ARM, O/S/R LOWER ARM, 2 REAR SHOCKER BUSHES, AUXILIARY BELT). I am quite surprised to have this kind of problem at this stage of the vehicle's life and of course the associated costs (a little under £1,200). This is my first Jaguar, although I have had other luxury vehicles, and I wonder if any of the club members have had similar problems.

I have always supported British built products, and the S Type is a joy to drive, so I am hoping that this is just a bit of bad luck and that following the repair I can look forward to years of trouble free motoring.

Any information or views would be most welcome.


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Thanks Steve

I know the mileage is genuine as I have had the car since new.

The evidence that it has been driven reasonably is that the first set of tyres were changed at 31,000 + miles. Jaguar payed half the repair bill as compensation, but it still left me with a bill for over £700. I wonder if I would gain anything by contacting Jaguar direct?

Thanks again.


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rear control arm bushes are common problem on X-type and S-type models unfortunately they do not sell the bushes without the rest of the arm these cost in the region of £50 each side plus 3 hours worth of labour to fix...

having tried to find the noise and replacing all the rear suspension I finnally found the bushes with not a lot of play for the noise they where making (luckily MOT tester also missed this) as a home DIY job I managed to do the rear arms, dampers, springs and ARB droplinks and ARB in about 5 hours worth of work (plus 2 days waiting for parts in between time)

fortunately springs and Control arms as well as out CV joints are common issues and so are kept in short supply by the dealer...

good luck with Jaguar Customer service they are very helpfull although trained to the hilt not to admit a thing unless they have to..

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