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Had a day racing a Lotus Evora at Caste Combe



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I had a fun day in a Lotus Evora at Castle Combe Circuit.


We started with an 8.40 briefing then it was time to hit the track at 9am. After scoffing down a hearty breakfast and a strong coffee we then went for a trial run of the track with one of Castle Combe's safety guys, who was a racing driver in his younger years! The car used was an Abarth Punto with 4 of us inside, we did 2 laps at a steady pace but then this saftey guy (who was in his 60's) floored it. We were amazed how this guy could keep up with Lotus Exige and a Jaguar XK-R and how good the car handled. This guy really knew how to throw a car around and he looked so relaxed doing it, it was a cool experience in itself! I guess it's all in the lines!

The cars on the track were, Heavilily modified BMW 3 series, an M3, Jaguar XK-R, Many Lotus, Brand new Nissan GTR, Porche Boxster and a few TVR's which includes a meaty TVR Tuscany!

We then had the chance to put on our helmets and get on the track in the Lotus Evora. Getting in the car with helmets on was tricky but I would imagine it being worse in a Audi TT.

We took a few good steady laps in the Lotus learning the track but after a few go's we were really keeping up with a lot of the other cars.

We had the track from 9am till 5pm, so quite a bit of track time and took turns with each other but also periodicly allowing the car to cool down.

Mid Afternoon a guy I knew (actually my Dentist ) pulls up in his Mitsi Evo and offered to take me round the track for a load of laps. You will see a part of this in the video. This was a lovely motor which he mainly uses for a track car.

It would be good to get some feedback from you guys in the poll to see if we can set up a track day event?

Enjoy the video (videos always make it look like you are driving slow :) )

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Sounds like a great day Steve, I won a test track event with Peugeot, I get to take the RCZ around the test track, will have my leaded right boot on, also take JP1 and other cars around the track, I am really looking forward to this, would be nice if Jaguar could run a few similar competitions as there is a few models that I would love test out on the track, I will give feedback after I have been to the event. :D

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