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Sat Nav Woes!

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Has anyone had their sat nav take them on a merry go round and take you miles off course? or is your sat nav unit reliable? if it is reliable which Sat Nav unit do you have ? Aftermarket or factory fitted?

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My first sat nav was a Sony NU50T, packed up when I was in Ashford Kent, asking me travel along the M11, tried major reset etc, but was no use, Sony said they stopped making sat navs due to software problems, nothing I could do as unit was 2 years old.

I got a Garmin 1360T worked really well , 18 months later a software update took out sound and blue tooth connectivity, although it worked was not happy with no sound, at first Garmin said they could do nothing and would cost me to have it repaired, I sent a few threads on their Facebook website, had people responding, then Garmin changed my unit for free, power of Facebook, unit working well.

At the moment there is a thread on Facebook regarding Tom Tom's as they only give a traffic report on a journey up to 50 miles of your journey, it is under the title TomTom HD traffic reduced distance and is having a lot of response. :D

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