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EML on associated with intermittent loss of power (turbo)


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Hi all, I'm new to this forum, I'm hoping some of you more experienced Jaguar owners will be able to shed some light on a problem I have on my 2006 x-type 2.2 diesel. I've had the car about 6 months and 2 days ago the coil warning light began flashing on my display. Initially, there were no other warning lights but I did notice a loss of power (no turbo) when I accelerated. I turned the ignition off and back on whilst at a stop light and the warning light cleared and when I pulled away, everthing was fine and the turbo kicked in as normal under acceleration. Some time later the light came on flashing again with the same loss of power symptom. Once again this cleared after recycling the ignition. Checking the owners manual, I know the warning indicates an engine management problem, unfortunately I don't have a code reader to get more detail of what the fault is. After 3 or 4 occurrences the EML came on permanently, I guess this is because after reoccurrence of the intermittent fault, the Engine management system logs the fault as a hard fault. The fault has continued to occur with me still being able to clear the flashing coil light by recycling the ignition,the EML stays on all the time since it first appeared but the loss of power is clearing when the coil light is cleared. I'm guessing it is a Turbo problem, possibly mass air flow sensor, but I'm just guessing.  I'll be looking to book the car into a garage ASAP but if anyone has experienced similar symptoms and can give me an idea what the problem might be I'd appreciate it. I'm due to drive to the South of France in the Jag this coming Friday so I need to get the problem sorted double quick.


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Update on my EML light issue:

I've had the fault code read, the only fault logged is P0406 which is the EGR sensor reading outside of limits, indicating possibly problem with EGR valve. I've done a little research and these EGR valves seem to be prone to giving EML faults when the engine's got a few thousand miles on it (mines done 68k). It would seem that the valves can become contaminated with Oil and carbon deposits which can cause the valve to stick open and throw up a fault. 

Oh yeah, bit of a numpty I am, but the loss of power experienced when the coil light came on was not really a symptom of the fault but is infact the engine in 'Limp' mode which the engine management system initiates to protect the engine from damage when it senses a fault.

Currently, I have no fault indicated as I had a work mate with a code reader clear the fault log, the fault didn't reoccur today travelling 30 miles to and from work. 

My quandry now is, what to do about it in the limited time I have left before heading to the south of France.

 on Friday morning. Icould remove the Egr valve  and give it a thorough clean before refitting and hope that it keeps the car runniing in good order for the time being? Or do i bite the bullet and get the valve replaced with a new part? Has anyone else had this problem? I there a good long term fix? I've read somewhere that a blanking plate can be fitted on the valve outlet which could stop the problem occurring. I believe the main purpose of the valve is to reduce emmissions but would blanking off the valve affect the engine performance noticeably?

Any thoughts/advice welcome :unsure:

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I have been having exactly the same problem with my 2006 2.2 estate sport. Currently on 112k miles. I have had the EGR valve replaced but still have an intermittent problem which can be cleared by turning the ignition off. Usually this problem occurs when I'm doing 70/75 in 6th gear and accelerate to overtake. I have recently had the Oil filter replaced as well. I have been able to replicate the problem in other gears. My garage say there are no fault codes to look at. Maybe it' one of the pipes connected to the EGR?

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Good Morning, and welcome to the Club.


There will be someone more expert than myself to tell you how to clean the EGR valve, but I do know that is something than can be done by sone good at car maintenance.


I had the same problem twice with my EGR valves sticking on my s type.  The first time I took it into a Jaguar Main Dealer and paid £69 to have it diagnosed.


The second time I took the car out on a quiet Sunday morning and gave it a bit of faster driving.  The next day the Amber light did not come on.  The mobile mechanic who has serviced my car came over with his diagnostic equipment, saw that it had been the EGR valve and fixed something.   Price £20.


Some people do blank off the valve, but I would suggest than a clean would do the the job rather than a replacement - first.





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Morning all 


I have a an X-Type 2.2 diesel 2006 model with the same power problem. I have taken it into a dealership to get diagnosed however I am a little worried after reading some of the post. When it started, it was kind of irregular i.e. the warning light would come on and then the car would loose power. I would then stop for a minute and turn off the ignition. When I started the car it would then run normally with maximum expected output. The other issue have noticed is the cruize control which keeps activating itself. This is not critical as I am contemplating disconnecting the fuse associated with the function if there is one. 



Some solutions please.

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The ecu light and power loss can be a multitude of things. The 2.2 is less susceptible to the injector faults that the 2.0 commonly suffers and the usual suspect of this behaviour is the EGR valve which once blocked gets stuckand either can't open or close fully which sticks the warning light on and drops the power to prevent engine damage.

They are easily cleaned but if defective can cost around 150 to replace depending on where you get it, and labour on top of around 2 hours

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Welcome to the Club, Andile.


Mick has given you the most probable answer.


I had the engine malfunction light on twice and a good run on the A 38 giving it a bit of a poke seemed to work.





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I am still having this problem intermittently even though I have had the EGR valve replaced. It's going back in for more diagnosis next Monday but the garage believe that low fuel pressure could be the problem. Any views

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Again, a multitude of causes but the fuel pressure is also a likely cause. Whether it be causes by a faulty injector, pump or pressure sensor is obviously unknown as yet but all viable.

The black smoke could well be a result of an injector failing to close, which would result in a drop in pressure due to it leaking through the injector. That would cause excess diesel to pass into the chamber and be passed, unburnt, into the exhaust which would cause black smoke.

I've discussed injectors on another thread. It is quite likely to the cause and could be any or all of the injectors causing it. I put a lot of these faults with fuel systems down to driving style and fuel used.

Cheap, low quality diesel has little lubricating and protection properties and causes wear. Millers EcoMax additive and racing 2-stroke Oil are what I use and have recommended to others with great success. More expensive diesel has better lubrication properties but all these days are low sulpher so the problem will still exist to some degree with the older engines like ours.

Also, driving style. People believe that slow and steady is best for preserving their engine, and on a petrol that is true. Diesels need to be worked though. Not thrashed, just kept under load and made to work. It keeps them clean and at optimum performance

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Thanks very much. Yes I have been told that I drive my Jag like a Granddad so since then I have changed my driving style with this car. If the garage finds a solution On Monday I'll post it here.

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Hello all, 




I am a
not so proud owner of a 2006 2.2 diesel Jaguar X-type who has replaced until
now quite allot of parts. The car was bought brand new with 0 millage and now
it has about 75000 Km (I’m from Romania, thus explaining the km measurement).
Last year, in September I’ve replaced again the EGR valve because of the same
problem with the glow plugs warning light, after a very thorough   check
including the injectors, the turbo charger, etc. At the car dealer they've told
me that the electric part of the EGR was broken and I have to replace it
entirely. After that the car worked fine but today when I left home a realized
that the car has no turbo. I’ve tried turning the ignition off and again on but
it didn’t solve the problem. The car has no unusual noise or different smoke
color but the turbo doesn’t start and it cannot be heard once the bonnet is
open. Furthermore I have no warning light of what so ever light in my


Do any of you had this problem
before? I’ve begun to see a pattern of problems with these kind of cars and
hopefully someone else had it before me and can tell me their opinion/solution
to this problem.




Kind regards. 

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