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X-Type Flashing temp Display

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After a short time of driving an the car is getting warm inside temp about 22-23C the display starts flashing and nothing I do can stop it

When the car has stopped and the ignition is turned off ,after a short while when the car is restarted the display is back to normal.

Please can anybody help with this problem?


    Thanks Dave

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Hi Dave


There may be several causes for this....one that crops up a lot is when the vehicle's battery is on its way out, this can trigger the blinking display.

Other possible causes could be the display module going faulty and also loose connections.

I would start by checking the vehicle battery with a heavy discharge test to establish the condition of it, especially as the weather is now getting colder.

Hope this helps?


Regards,   Trevor

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Many thanks Trevor I will do as you suggest and get the battery checked

it does always  starts the car ok, after that I will have to find out how to get to the back of the display

great fun  Thanks again for getting back to me this was my first enquiry

  Regards Dave 

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Welcome to the club, Nigel.


If the battery is OK, I would be inclined to check the fuses and the connections.


The easiest to get to first are the best options.





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