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Hello all just bought my first ever jag unfortunately not sure if its been maltreated or not, desperately needs a service and tender care(which its having !) Does anybody know should a 2005 s-type 2.7 sport auto have a big undertray -under the engine ? mine does not have one nor does it appear to have any evidence of having one although its had a light tap on its nose with the lower grille being a bit damaged ! Other issues include intermittent fault with fuel gauge ? and lack of correct owners manual -the one I've got only lists the petrol versions in the data section ?

Any help or advice gladly received

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Welcome to the Forum, Alan.


I have a S Type SE on an 07 Plate.  I don't think there should be any great difference between mine and yours.  Mine has an under tray underneath the engine.


In respect of the owners manual  it must be that the one in your car is out of date, although there is not a great deal of extra information in the 2007 manual.  Copies of those odd pages could be forwarded to you  to supplement your manual which I could do if you wish.

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Hi Alan....and welcome to the club....and to the wonderful world of Jaguars!


As Peter has stated, there really should be an under tray on your car but most Jag specialists will probably have one or two leaning up against a wall in the workshop where they have forgotten to refit it  :huh: (talking from previous experience).


Hopefully some other members have experienced the fuel gauge issue you are referring to and can comment on it?


Regards     Trevor

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Thanks Trevor-I've given her a good service !! and have now found attachment points for the missing tray !  Probably try some jag breakers on the parts gateway for one -unless you know any good ones ?

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There are a few second hand ones on eBay [if you can trust them] priced around £60.


Breakeryard is not a bad site, as well as Parts Gateway.


The tray for a 2.7L diesel is different from the other S Type models.



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