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Jaguar Land Rover Studying Mother Nature to Improve Future Vehicles

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Future cars may be inspired by the construction of centuries-old English buildings. (Photo : Jaguar)

In order to improve future products, Jaguar Land Rover is studying ancient wall constructions and the structure of trees, according to the automaker.

Dr. Wolfgang Epple, Jaguar Land Rover director of research and technology, said he feels that there are lots of parts of nature and "non-automotive engineering" that can be used towards the development of more efficient structures.

"Cars have been developed for just over 100 years, but nature has been evolving over millions of years," Epple said in a statement.

Epple feels that wall-construction techniques used for older English buildings are an intriguing structural study which could help the automaker. Jaguar vehicles could eventually feature the same weight-saving approaches found in those buildings, according to a company press release.

During a media dinner this week, Epple said that his R & D department is also "intrigued" by trees, mentioning the difference branches in the summer weight when compared to branches with leaves in the fall and bare branches in the winter.

Epple also said that the department is looking into composite reinforcement for new aluminum body structures, more compact engines, and to improve fuel injection systems in gasoline engines to improve fuel economy numbers.

Applying nano-technology to batteries is also being considered to improve Land Rover's hybrid-model program, according to the automaker.

Much of this research will take place at the new National Automotive Innovation Campus which will be built on the Warwick University campus in 2014.

Dec 13, 2013 11:52 AM EST     | Matt Mercuro (m.mercuro@autoworldnews.com


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JLR are going in the right direction.


Many older buildings have stood the test of time, whereas some of the newer ones have not done so.


My first car was a 3 year old Triumph Herald which died of terminal rust when only 6 years old.  Nowadays galvanised chassis and underbodies are commonplace as is powder coating,  and other stronger materials are also being used in car construction.


Standing still is no good to anyone.


I am just waiting for the day when you can fill your fuel tank with tap water, throw in a capsule of something and drive 500 miles without having to fill up again.

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