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Jaguar S Type to Goa, India

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Jaguar S Type to Goa, India


I am thinking about driving an S Type Jaguar to Goa, India!

I have completed this journey on a number of occasions on motorcycles.

This time I want to do the trip in a very British car!


I have to say the S Type is a car I know nothing about.....


My question .....what are my chances of completing the journey without mechanical drama.... approx 7000 miles, 300 ish miles a day for 25 days.....at times v hot! road not nearly as bad as you might imagine?


What to look for when buying an S Type for this journey? 


Yes I am deadly serious! Any doubts Google "David2Goa" to read about one of my previous trips.


Regards, David





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Hi David...and welcome to the club !


Fantastic road trip....just looked you up on google and read your blog.

Great bike to do it on aswell (I have the GS1200) and also love big road trips but not been as far as India (yet).


The S-Type is a great car and especially good for long haul with the Diesel engine.

Very reliable engine but would probably replace the standard coolant hose clips for Jubilee clips.

Great fuel economy and comfort levels would make the trip feel like a walk in the park!


Please keep us updated on your progress leading up to departure as we could feature your blogs on this site, showing your progress with the Jag.


Regards   Trevor

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That sounds like a great trip, David.


I have driven all manner of cars and bikes over  60 odd years on the road, and currently an S type 2.7d SE.  Without any doubt it is the most comfortable and well equipped car I have ever driven.


Over 7000 miles with and S Type will be a comfortable ride and with a range on a full tank of diesel of over 450 miles you will need fewer stops.


A good service before you go is all that you need, although I do not know the availability of Garages on the way.


I look forward to seeing a picture of you and the Jaguar driving into Goa, with bags of swank!





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Hi Trevor and Peter,

Thanks for the taking the time to reply.

It sounds like you think a Diesel engined S Type might be a better bet than Petrol?

If I go ahead with the trip I will post reports and photos here on the forum!


Tip on coolant hose clips noted, thanks.


Cheers, David

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Another thing I have just remembered about the S Type, David.  The diesel engine  has twin turbochargers. One comes in at fairly low revs and the second comes in at 2000 revs, which is around 70 mph in top gear.  When I drove the 185 miles to Weymouth this autumn I got 46.1 mpg by keeping the revs just under 2000.





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