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Steering wheel wwwwwobbling

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Hi everyone. I'm a newbie here . Absolutely love my x type 2.2 diesel auto. But she's developed a bit of an issue. The steering wheel vibrates , low and medium speeds. Even when rolling in neutral. Had all wheels balanced , one rim replaced cause it was bent , no improvement. Took to local grease monkey but they just wanted to use "a process of elimination" . And I'm not made of money. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Lee

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Hi Lee, and welcome to the club.


I am no expert but it could be some wear on the steering system that has not been picked up. Try turning the steering wheel when the car is stationary and feel to see if it is a smooth turn.  Some members with more technical expertise that me might put their finger on it 


Does the wobble go away when you pick up speed and get past 50 mph?





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Hi Lee...and welcome to the club!


As Peter has suggested...look at the tyres.

Its very common nowadays for tyres to delaminate causing a slight bulge where the air escapes into the delaminated layers.

Easy diagnosis....jack the car up on each corner and spin the wheel to look for any deviation from a round profile e.g. lumps, odd shape, etc


Regards   Trevor

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Just an update – had a mechanic check all suspension - nothing a miss. Had wheels swapped front to back and rebalanced - no help.

Getting to the end of my tether - some please help. Oh and just realised my last post meant to say oky doky trev ,!Removed! predictive text

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Tyre delamination sounds like the obvious conclusion but you could also check the auxiliary drivebelt to see if the is perishing or missing areas of the belt as I have known that to cause a wobble in the steering by affecting the input of the power steering pump but thats more of a tight/loose feel to the steering though

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Long time coming. But. Finally problem cured. :)

Been living with this wobble for a couple of months just gonna work an back. Then last weekend we went to Coast, up m1. First time in months been above 50mph , any way wobble not only still there but much worse , at 85 steering shaking about quarter of an inch side to side , dangerous .

Decided enough was enough an took peters advice, 2 new tyres on front (£75 each "maxis" nothing special) .back on motorway , result problem much improved, but still a slight shake. Bit the bullet , dusted off the Barclay card, 2 tyres on back. HEY PRESTO. Smooth as silk (well diesel silk). Happy happy happy. Thanks Peter an trev.

Given this some thought an the only thing I can think of that could have deformed all 4 Pirelli p-zeros is that before I bought the car in October last year it hadn't been moved for a long time and flat spots had appeared. I didn't go on a motorway for a couple of months after I picked it up so didn't realise there was a issue.

Once again thanks guys

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That's good, Lee.


It happened to me in a Rover Sterling after a very slight kerbside error in a lay-by.   A previously smooth ride was suddenly turned into a peculiar one.  Two new tyres on the front cured it.


When a car has been sitting idle for a time tyres  can deteriorate.


But now enjoy your car.



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