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Hi all

Following my newbie thread, I picked up my new (to me) XKR this morning. Pacific Blue (I think), 2000 model....Its got some cosmetic bits to do, but pretty chuffed. 


What's good:

  • Awesome engine, sport mode is comparable to my Honda Fireblade - wow!
  • Its clean and drives really well
  • Great colour and looks original so a happy camper
  • All of the electrics seem to work! (even the windows now I reset them!)

Stuff to do.....

  • Refurb the front seats, lots of cracks on the seat bases
  • A couple of blisters on the rear arches, mudflaps now removed and going to get this done asap
  • Key remote went flat so needs recoding to the car
  • After a few miles driving, I got the ASC/ABS warning intermittently, possibly grubby rear wheel sensor so plan to remove and clean first then run the codes to be sure....
  • Give it a service (engine & gearbox oil and filters), its due  

Getting settled in on the 60 mile drive home was steady, but such effortless power and so easy to drive.  


Things that I don't like:

  • Why are ABS wheel sensors sooooo expensive, £80+ each when a ford one is £14, is this Jag Tax? - They do the same thing after all!
  • The front numberplate looks out of place, its a real shame as the front end looks so clean without it fitted!
  • The muppet that fitted the new tyres used a windy gun to fit the locking nuts, resulting in ruined locking key, great. Going to get them removed and replaced with regular nuts, far less hassle imho.

Great car tho, hopefully we will get on like a house on fire!

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