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continental driving head light requirements ....please advise as new member

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Welcome to the Club, Bernard, and enjoy it.


I do believe that there are kits that can be attached to the headlights of any car to make the headlights conform to conform to RH driving on the Continent.


Just as important is to ensure that the car carries the requirements of the countries you are going to visit, such as a warning triangle and a fire extinguisher, inter alia.





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If your XK is a X150 i.e. the latest alloy body version - then yes, the headlamps can be adjusted be levers in the headlights themselves. have a look at the Owners Handbook Page 63.

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MY2012 have adaptive lights as you say and therefore don't need any converters at all  ;)


2006 to 2012 X150s have adjusting levers.


Pre 2006 X100s need beam converters stuck the light lens exterior.

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