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hi all , I have owned my s type for just under a year and whilst very happy with it , I do have a couple of issues which hopefully someone could help with.... 1. do the front of the headlamps come off easily to effect repair to the headlamp adjustment unit and 2 ... having replaced both front struts and springs I am still getting a knocking noise from under the car when going over bumpy roads , whilst I had the car in the air I checked all the other suspension parts for wear and movement and all seemed ok , they were all lubricated at the same time , so I am now at a loss ... thanks in advance for your help.

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hi jim , thanks for your reply , all have proved useful and come the weekend I will be getting the car up on stands and trying some of the things to try and get rid of the annoying little problems that drive me mad.once again cheers.


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Suspension shock absorbers and springs don't usually cause knocking like that. Usual culprits are strut top bearings, anti roll bar mounts, wishbone bushes, bottom ball joints and anti roll bar drop links. Occasionally, track rod ends but you'd feel that more in the steering wheel.

Most common are the drop links. It only takes a miniscule amount of play in them to give quite a loud knock. They sound more like a constant rattle than a heavy thud and are easy to replace. A competent diyer could do both in around an hour and a half max. I usually take 15-20 mins per side.

They look like a long thin rod with a ball joint at each end and attach the anti roll bar to the suspension strut. Some look like small, stubby knuckles but they're less common.

There is a nut on the ball and a flat cut into the other side for a spanner and usually are rusted on a bit. Soak with WD40 and they'll come off ok. If they resist, grind them off. They're not going back on anyway!

For the cost, I'd start there. If your approaching 100k they'll be ready for renewal anyway and you won't detect any slight play in them until they're removed as they are under constant tension.

Cost is around £15 each for decent pattern parts. Avoid FAI, Blueprint and FirstLine parts as they're rubbish and won't last. Try for Meyle, QH (if you can find them add they've ceased trading but parts are around) or Febi-Bilstein (These are excellent). Jag genuine I expect will be double that but worth the expense.

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hi again , having watched the video regarding the bushing I was wondering 1. are the bushes the same size all over the suspension and.. as I have access to a lathe and can make them , I realise that rubber is used to quieten the road noise but , would it be a wrong move to make them solid say out of phosphor bronze or brass so they don't wear again.



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Definitely not. The bronze, brass etc would wear away rapidly. There needs to be an amount of flexible movement in the bushes and the rubber bushes are designed specifically for that purpose. If you replace it with non flexible material, not only would your car handle like a horse cart, the cabin noise would be obscene!

The wishbones, bushes etc cost peanuts and are easy to unbolt and bolt on new ones. Anti roll bar bushes for example are held in with 2 small torx bolts. I just bought genuine Jaguar ones for mine for 15 quid each from Kent Jaguar Supplies.

I expect your knocking will either be the drop links or the bottom ball joints. Neither of which are expensive or difficult to replace

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post-4616-0-91002300-1393758721_thumb.jp  post-4616-0-28208700-1393758785_thumb.jppost-4616-0-09067800-1393758822_thumb.jppost-4616-0-33920500-1393758855_thumb.jp  hi , just replaced drop links both sides , and there is a vast difference in the noises the car now makes , does not have that annoying rattle/clunk , but still got the creaking when hitting those stupid speed bumps which go all across the road. however really pleased with the outcome so far. :)

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Crikey they look like they were ready for replacing!!

Nice to know you found the problem. Glad I could help.

The squeaking you get over speed bumps is quite often shock absorbers, but you say you've replaced them already. Usually it's caused by the seal on the damper going a little hard from age.

If you've already done that the It can only be the wishbones or the anti roll bar mounting bushes.

Cheapest ones to do are the anti roll bar ones. I just did mine on my X-Type and it's a doddle. Got mine from Kent Jaguar Supplies for £15 each (Genuine Jaguar parts). Jaguar themselves charge £30 each!

Oddly though, the rear ones are identical but Jaguar charged me £6.50 each!

Wishbone bushes are easily replaced too. Just unbolt the entire arm and replace it with a whole unit. Slightly more expensive but without a hydraulic press you'll struggle to get the new bushes on so it's much less hassle to just bin the whole arm and replace it.

If you've got noises like you say they are probably on their way out anyway so a new set will sort out any untoward noises and will revitalise the steering and handling, which you probably won't even notice isn't as tight as it should be but once you get new ones on it'll feel like a new car

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I have just bought a 2006 X-type estate. The test drive out of the garage and up and down the A1 was perfect. I live in Corby which has the largest 20mph traffic calmed zone in Europe (I reckon). Traveling on the pot holed and road humps I get the "something loose in the boot" noises ( even though there is nothing in the boot and the spare wheel is secure). I'm hoping its the rear drop links as they look quickest and easiest to replace.

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Hi Kevin and welcome to the club.

You will find that the X type is a nice car and the estate is a great workhorse.

I used to know Corby quite well, travelling there at least once a week for almost 20 years till I retired in 1999, and would guess that the town would now have quite a few traffic calming areas.  I would suggest that you should take a gentle drive along one of the lanes, sat to Oundle or Market Harborough, as the noise could be the rear tailgate. My son has an X type estate [06 plate] and has found there could be a bit of creaking from that area.

Let us know how you get on.



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