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New member from Virginia.


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Just  purchased my first Jag. 2003 Xtype. In love with my car and I named her Kitty. Rather fitting. However we ran into tons of repairs and currently found out after getting tires replaced one of my rims are bent and scratched. Ive had mixed advice. So I am not sure if I should replace all rims or just the bent/cracked one? Any advice will help!


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Welcome to the Club, Ashley.


A nice bunch of Jaguar owners post here.


You must always remember that wheels and tyres are very important parts of any car, and unless you are certain that you can get the rim repaired properly it might be worth getting a new one.  It could also be worth having the other rims checked before making any decision on replacement.


I live only 6 miles from Castle Bromwich, the main Jaguar factory, which built my S Type. Your X Type was built in Halewood, 100 miles away,  coincidentally 6 miles away from where I was born.


Enjoy your Jaguar, nice colour too, the same colour as mine.





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Bent rims can be repaired so long as the damage isn't severe. However, were it my car, I'd replace with a good second hand one, if only so that I didn't have 3 wheels showing 11 years of use and one in mint condition. Failing that, I'd have to buy 2 for the same axle and refurb the other 2 to mint condition, keeping the other good one for a full sized spare.

My advice - if you are unsure of the safety of the wheel, replace it

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