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Bluetooth music


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Hi all,


I'm looking into buying an x-type and I noticed that the audio system seems to allow bluetooth connection with a mobile phone.


With my current car stereo I can play music and control to an extent (skip and repeat). Is this possible on the x-type bluetooth connection?


Thanks in advance.

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The bluetooth connection is for phone calls. There is an option for bluetooth audio but it depends on model and if it was an option fitted to that particular vehicle.


You can retro fit bluetooth audio using Jaguar original parts, but as it is all connected via fibreoptics, you can't use another system and fully incorporate it into the Jaguar one.


However, I managed to fit an aftermarket device that I bought from Germany which connects to the aerial socket and transmits connected audio straight into the aerial lead whilst disconnecting the car's aerial at the same time. This means you get no outside interference from radio stations transmitting on a similar frequency like you do with the cigarette lighter plug-in type.

Connected to this device I have a bluetooth audio receiver to which my phone connects. This does mean that your phone needs to connect to the Jaguar phone bluetooth and to the the audio receiver but as my phone allows multiple connections it works fine.


See my thread here regarding this mod - http://www.jaguarownersclub.com/forums/topic/9377-bluetooth-audio-for-non-bluetooth-jags/#entry14129

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I have recently bought Jaguar xtype 2009 diesal 2.2, I am enjoying the drive

However only problem what I am finding is unable to play music through bluetooth but phone calls works fine. 

My friend has same car but 2006 and he can play music through bluetooth. I am unable to understand how come older models can play music to newer ones. 

Also could it be bcos of my phone model.???

In my phone device under bluetooth connections its says Jaguar for call Audio. 

Can someone please advise is it me or my car stereo itself at fault 😁🤔


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there is no factory fit options to play music over blue tooth it sounds like whatever is in your mates car will be an after market product 
however there are ways round this with some already mentioned

cheapest option is to buy a bluetooth FM transmitter from the likes of eBay or banggood 
something like this which i have ordered and am waiting to arrive


there dozens of different type of these bluetooth to FM transmitters but essentially there all the same 
iv'e tried one and for the money they are surprisingly good

some people have fitted the parrot hands free kits which i believe allow music streaming 

there are DIY options one known as Jagdroid which looks quite involving to fit
there'a also the optional extra ACM unit that replaces the CD multi changer in the boot and gives Ipod connection , Aux and USB inputs but no bluetooth music streaming but these are expensive and hard to find  

a few people have gone down the 3rd party avenue and fitted full blown android head units and discarded the factory fit but if you have satnav you will need the non satnav climate control unit as this is part of the multi display head unit, you will also lose all other functions this controls like bluetooth phone and cd multi changer but the android head unit should make up for the loss with it's own functions 

iv'e left the factory options alone and play cd's through the multichanger and ordered on of the transmitters above in case i want to stream music 




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